Kim Bryant is a hunter based out of Alabama, who is a contributing writer for Miss Pursuit. She is a huge part of the Wildlife Women of Alabama. Kim has hunted all over the world and loves every part of it from elk, whitetail, zebra, fishing and more. She is a sportsman who loves sharing her passion with others. Join in and listen to some ways that you can mentor, be fully immersed in group or solo hunting, travel and more. Kim has some great stories to tell and we bet you will agree!

October 8, 2020

Margie Nelson, Wild Gourmet

This episode of Miss Pursuit is one you will need to pay close attention! Margie is a self taught wild game chef who is known for being such a great camp chef for lodges and backcountry camps. She and I sit down and talk magic. Wild game has specific guidelines for cooking to make it a gourmet meal and so magically enjoyable. Listen in, take notes and listen to Margie's amazing life story.  She herself has a bit of magic along the way. Thank you Margie for such a fun conversation and I cannot wait to sit around a table with you soon!


September 24, 2020

Maddy Snyder, Montana

Maddy Snyder is a hunter who hails from Montana. When she is not around home hunting with family or on her own she is helping guide and working at the Montana Wilderness Lodge leading teams through the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Listen in as we discuss her season over the summer fishing and what is on the docket for this season! She just finished up a hunt with her dad hunting with a recurve for Moose! Maddy is also a recurve hunter and from a very young age. Listen as we have a fun convo!

September 10, 2020

Sammi Holland, New Zealand

Sammi joins me for a conversation about New Zealand. We get to talk about how she has grown up in the outdoor world and what it has been like hunting over her lifetime. The conversation then leans into Tahr and the value that these magnificent creatures bring to the country. We get into the discussion about the DOC and their decisions across the board.  Listen in as Sammi shows her heart and passion for conservation in New Zealand and all over the world.

Have you ever wondered why Vortex Optics has the reputation of having the best customer service and how they keep that up? I have! Truly when someone asks about glass Vortex is the first company to come up for the caliber of optics and the customer service. So listen in as we hear how Vortex began and has remained first in the market for customer care. Mark joins us as we talk history, which optic is a great one to start with, how choosing optics can make a difference depending on what you are actually using it for and a few other tricks of the trade. This is a great podcast to listen in on if you are years into hunting and scouting or you are just a newbie in the field! Enjoy!

August 13, 2020

OnX Hunt, Jared Larsen

Jared sat down for a conversation on the app OnX Hunt. We get into how it is beneficial, how they have such up to date details to use for public and private lands, how they have given back to the communities and more. Truthfully we take this app from the bare necessity to the most you can get from it. The questions are answered on how to use the app to what benefits can come from it. Jared is extremely helpful and creates a situation that learning can happen through this podcast! Listen in and grow from his knowledge of this tool that you should keep in your toolbox as you are hunting and fishing!! 

Alyson, of Wisconsin, is a contributing writer to Miss Pursuit and she shares with us about how she was introduced to hunting and fishing with her dad and family. We are able to talk about her Army career and how it has impacted her nursing experience. How COVID has thrown her into the deep end of nursing in the Army this Spring. The introduction she had to hunting with hounds, bear hunting, and waterfowl hunting all are stories you are going to want to listen in on.  Alyson has given Miss Pursuit some amazing articles to read and learn from on the website. Let us know what your takeaways are after listening in. 

Bri joined me for a great conversation where we talked a bit about Wilderness to Table, her favorite hunts and the change she made from cooking fine dining to wild game. We were able to cover how she pairs sides with her main entree, her favorite dishes, her dog Remi and some excitement about this year's Fall surprise, which is still a secret. Although, I know what will be on my Christmas list this year! Join in and listen to what can be frustrating to hear as a wild game chef and how you can keep up with all the new things coming in the near future for Bri!

Beka joined the conversation to discuss growing up hunting and a Dad saying "girls can hunt"! We chat about the evolution of hunting from gun to compound bow to traditional bow. Isabella joining the hunt and how it changed hunting and fishing. Listen in and learn a bit more about Beka from this conversation and glimpse into her outdoors life.

Lisa joined the Miss Pursuit Podcast to talk about bird hunting, her hunting dogs and how important it is to hunt with the same sex. Lisa McDonald is an avid hunter of turkey, pheasant, ducks and more. Listen in to hear what her favorite bird to hunt is!

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