Alyson, of Wisconsin, is a contributing writer to Miss Pursuit and she shares with us about how she was introduced to hunting and fishing with her dad and family. We are able to talk about her Army career and how it has impacted her nursing experience. How COVID has thrown her into the deep end of nursing in the Army this Spring. The introduction she had to hunting with hounds, bear hunting, and waterfowl hunting all are stories you are going to want to listen in on.  Alyson has given Miss Pursuit some amazing articles to read and learn from on the website. Let us know what your takeaways are after listening in. 

Bri joined me for a great conversation where we talked a bit about Wilderness to Table, her favorite hunts and the change she made from cooking fine dining to wild game. We were able to cover how she pairs sides with her main entree, her favorite dishes, her dog Remi and some excitement about this year's Fall surprise, which is still a secret. Although, I know what will be on my Christmas list this year! Join in and listen to what can be frustrating to hear as a wild game chef and how you can keep up with all the new things coming in the near future for Bri!

Beka joined the conversation to discuss growing up hunting and a Dad saying "girls can hunt"! We chat about the evolution of hunting from gun to compound bow to traditional bow. Isabella joining the hunt and how it changed hunting and fishing. Listen in and learn a bit more about Beka from this conversation and glimpse into her outdoors life.

Lisa joined the Miss Pursuit Podcast to talk about bird hunting, her hunting dogs and how important it is to hunt with the same sex. Lisa McDonald is an avid hunter of turkey, pheasant, ducks and more. Listen in to hear what her favorite bird to hunt is!

June 3, 2020

Georgia Pellegrini

Georgia Pellegrini joins us on this episode of the Miss Pursuit Podcast. She is a modern-day pioneer with "Superwoman Skills" who empowers audiences to step outside of their comfort zones and discover inner bravery and resourcefulness. Her critically acclaimed books include Food Heroes, Girl Hunter, and most recently, Modern Pioneering, a cookbook for homestead cuisine and living off the land. Called “an empowerment guru” by The New York Times, Pellegrini is a phenomenally gifted speaker, and her women’s Adventure Getaways attract audiences from as far as South Korea. She hosted “Wild Food” on Discovery Networks, and is currently fundraising to distribute a new public television show called “Modern Pioneering."

May 20, 2020

Jessica Haavisto

Jessica Haavisto also known as @outdoors_lady on Instagram is a contributing writer for Miss Pursuit. We were able to have a great conversation about her lucky draw of an elk tag last season and this one coming up! Her archery bull that she was able to harvest and how that went down. We also talk about the importance of being involved in your community, the influence women who teach Hunter's Ed have and how confidence grows as you push yourself toward your goals.  Enjoy the podcast!

Jaimie joins in for a great conversation on her role in Miss Pursuit but also about how we don't always have to fit a certain mold.  We should know why we hunt and stick by it proudly. She has some great stories of getting into the the hunting world and why she loves it so much.  Enjoy the episode!

April 22, 2020

Chelsea Hansler

In this episode of Miss Pursuit's Podcast, Chelsea Hansler joins us as we talk about living a simple life in the outdoors, how painting has developed into Clyde and Rose, and also about how living off the land has been so beneficial to her family.  Enjoy the podcast!

Kaitlyn Cole Joins the podcast to chat about her move from Kentucky to Colorado. We get down to awesome differences in Eastern and Western hunting. We also talk about the different hunts she has been on and how impactful the move was on her.

Heather is a fellow Southern girl who loves the outdoors, but also has a passion for her community. BOW, Dixie Deer Classic, kids events getting them in the outdoors and wildlife clubs are just a few ways she is involved. Join the conversation as we talk about the difficulties of following in someone's footsteps and needing to just learn from someone else to how she is joining the Miss Pursuit Platform. 

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